I went to three different schools in my first three years in Canada after immigrating from China at age 11. Those first days at a new school and the vivid feelings of discomfort still stay with me to this day. The knowledge that I was able to conquer things that at one point seemed so daunting and overwhelming gives me the confidence that whatever current feeling of discomfort I’m having can also be overcome.

I’m with my aunt and cousin the day I was leaving on a plane alone to be reunited with my parents in Canada

When I first arrived in Canada, Vancouver to be specific, my English skills were next to none. I knew phrases like “this is a car”. Nothing…

It took 160 days for one of our YouTube videos to reach its first 300 views. For our most recent video, it took 2 days. What happened? This is the power of finding product-market fit. Here’s the story of our journey.

It was the end of 2018 and I had just accepted a job at Google, to work as a product manager for YouTube to build tools for creators. I immediately started following the product manager decree of “use your own product” and started a YouTube channel.

I’m a bit camera shy but lucky for me, my then 8-year old…

It was 2007 and I was working at Amazon as a Technical Program Manager in the Amazon Web Services department. My job was to organize software development projects, i.e. defining requirements, estimates, and schedules. You probably know that software projects are notorious for being unpredictable. As a result, they often run over budget and behind schedule.

I prided myself on my exceptional planning and organizational skills. This was my bread and butter. I tracked every task. Defined every estimate. There was not a risk that I didn’t identify and no risk without a mitigation. I was a planner to the…

I always knew I wanted to be a mother ever since I was little. I can’t explain why but it’s just something I knew in my heart. So after my husband and I had been a couple for seven years (and married for two) we felt the time was right for us to start a family. I did make some changes in my work to get ready. It was the early 2000s and I was working as a software engineer at Amazon in Seattle, Washington.It was a demanding job and one of the most stressful parts was having to carry…

Jessica Locke

Woman in tech | Mother of 2 | Immigrant | Generally curious

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